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The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) offers long-term (4-12 months) fellowships of up to $23,000 and short-term (1-3 months) fellowships of up to $5,000 to graduate students (preferably conducting dissertation research) and academic professionals interested in pursuing research or creative-arts projects in the Nordic region (Denmark, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sámpi, and Sweden). Awards are made in all fields. 

Deadline: November 1 
Application Link: Click here to begin your online application!

For more information about Fellowships for Americans in the Nordic Countries, please see ASF's website.



  • Academic Year (start date is after April 15), or
  • 1-3 months (start date is after April 15) 


  • US citizen or permanent resident 
  • Must have completed undergraduate degree by the start of the project 

Language Requirements 

  • Preference for some language ability in a Nordic language

  • If language proficiency is required for your project (e.g., you will be conducting interviews or translating) then 1 of the 3 letters of recommendation must address the level of Nordic language proficiency and must be from a qualified instructor or professional in that Nordic language

Terms of Award 

  • Supports project-related costs 

  • Room and board 

  • Trans-Atlantic round-trip airfare and in-country travel 

  • Tuition at a Nordic institute only if it's required to complete the creative arts or research project 

  •  Affiliation fees, if applicable

  • Materials expenditures (e.g., books, photocopying, art supplies) 


  • Applicants must seek their own affiliation. Note: ASF cannot provide applicants with an affiliation 

  • Applicants are eligible to receive only 2 awards within a 10-year period 

ASF does not fund the following: 

  1. ​​​​​​​Tuition fees for US home institution 

  2. Programs in the Nordic region that are designed for English-speaking students 

  3. Language courses 

  4. Support for dependents

  5. Research assistants 

  6. Travel for conferences, meetings, seminars, or conventions 

  7. Personal obligations (e.g., repayment of loans, mortgage payments, taxes) 

  8. Publication costs 

Application Materials 

  • Curriculum Vitae 
  • Project Abstract (Limit: 150 words) 

  • Project Statement (Limit: 1,500 words) 

  • Project Budget (Enter expenses into the online application’s budget template) 

  • Three Letters of Recommendation. Note: If you are a MA or PhD student, then 1 of the 3 letters must be from the committee chair 

  • A Letter of Affiliation/Invitation (in host country) 

  • Evidence that you will comply with research ethics, if applicable (e.g., IRB application or approval, reference to relevant ethics code)  

  • Transcripts (undergraduate and graduate transcripts). Note: Full-time faculty members and independent scholars who have completed their PhDs more than 7 years ago do not need to provide transcripts